Time Warner Cable Residential Copyright Notice
I am aware of this issue and will take steps to resolve it.

Dear Subscriber:

     This notice is being sent to you by Road Runner Customer Care because we have received a 
complaint that your computer has been used to distribute copyrighted material without authorization 
through a peer-to-peer program.  We received this complaint from the movie studio, record company, 
television studio or other company that owns the copyrighted material.  The purpose of this email is 
to remind you that the distribution of copyrighted material in this fashion may violate both the 
copyright laws and Road Runner’s terms of service, and to tell you a bit about peer-to-peer programs,
the dangers they can pose to your computer and our network, and the steps you can take to protect 

     A computer can become accessible to a peer-to-peer network for an unlimited period of time 
after a peer-to-peer program is downloaded.  You may not even be aware that such a program is on
your computer; a child or a visitor to the home could have downloaded it.  That is why we want to
alert you to this issue.  

Peer-to-peer programs may contain many problems.  For example:
•	Downloading and offering for upload copyrighted material without authorization is unlawful.
If you or others using your computer have been doing this, you could be subject to civil penalties 
and criminal fines.  Such activity also violates the Road Runner terms of service.  
•	The programs allow any anonymous person on the Internet to look at your computer files
and copy them for themselves.  Such a hacker could view all of your files, which can lead to identity
•	The programs, which use large amounts of memory, can interfere with the functioning of
your computer by destabilizing your operating system, leading to a general sluggishness at bootup
and during operation.  
•	The programs can contain spyware, adware, malware, viruses and pornography.
     If you are interested in a discussion of problems associated with peer-to-peer file sharing, 
please follow this link: http://research.pestpatrol.com/whitepapers/p2p_impact.asp.   

     If you use the Windows OS, the best way to remove peer-to-peer programs is through the 
Add/Remove Programs tool.  Other removal options are discussed at 

Thank you for subscribing to Road Runner.

Very truly yours,

Road Runner Customer Care

I am aware of this issue and will take steps to resolve it.