An important message from Time Warner Cable regarding spam

Dear Time Warner Cable Customer,

Please be aware that Time Warner Cable has received a report of unsolicited or bulk 
email from a machine connected to the cable modem on your Time Warner Cable Internet connection.
This violates the Time Warner Cable AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) for your residential account.
We are aware that the majority of such activity is caused by an infected or compromised computer.
You will receive an email to your Roadrunner master email address with additional information regarding
this incident.  If you are unsure of your email address, please contact your local office.

We ask that you read the Time Warner Cable Acceptable Use Policy and bear in 
mind that violations of the Time Warner Cable AUP can result in actions taken against your 
account up to and including account suspension and or termination of high speed data 
service.  Please be aware that these steps are taken to protect the quality of service 
we provide to you and the rest of our customers.

To resume your normal Internet connectivity, click the link below.

For additional information on securing your machine, please go to

I am aware of this issue
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