An Important Message from Time Warner Cable Security regarding Malware and your Internet Settings

Dear Time Warner Cable Customer,

If you are receiving this message, one or more computers behind your Road Runner Internet connection
has been identified as using hijacked Internet (DNS) settings. This was caused by a malware (virus) 
infection called DNSChanger (or Alureon) on a computer that was connected to your Internet connection. 
Malware of this type is a serious threat to your privacy and can be used to steal passwords or personal 
data or may allow your computer(s) to be used to send spam or launch denial of service attacks.

To prevent loss of service caused by the changes made to your Internet settings, Time Warner Cable 
and other ISPs put into place a temporary solution. This solution will expire on 2/28/2014. In order to 
avoid impact to your service, please take immediate action to scan and, if needed, clean any infected 
computer(s) and take appropriate steps to ensure that your Internet (DNS) settings are changed to "Obtain 
DNS Server Address Automatically".

Information and instructions on how to fix this problem can be found at

You will be automatically re-directed to this web site when you click the blue link at the bottom of 
this message.

To resume your normal Internet connectivity, please click the blue link below.