An important message from Time Warner Cable Security about ZeroAccess malware on your computer

Dear Time Warner Cable Customer,

Please be aware that Time Warner Cable has received reports of botnet traffic being transmitted 
from a Windows device connected to the cable modem on your Time Warner Cable Internet connection. 

This particular malware known as ZeroAccess or Sirefef presents a significant risk and threat as 
it has multiple malicious purposes including:

  •         Steals passwords, credit cards and personal information for use by criminals.
  •         Downloads more malware. 
  •         Creates a hidden file system.

This particular botnet malware ONLY affects Windows Operating Systems. As such, there is no need to 
take action at this time with any devices running other Operating Systems (eg. MAC OS, IOS or Linux).

Please note that if you have additional Windows systems on your network, you may be seeing this message 
on a Windows system that is not infected. Therefore, all Windows systems connected to your network 
should be scanned for malware.

Information on how to detect and remove this malware can be found at You 
will be automatically re-directed to this web site when you click the blue link at the bottom of this 

You may also wish to visit our self-help Web site once you have 
read this notice for a suggested course of action and to learn more about cleaning and securing your devices.

Once your normal Internet service is resumed, please take steps to resolve the botnet issue or we may 
interrupt your service again in the future should further reports of unwanted activity be received. 
Please be aware that these steps are taken to protect the quality of service we provide to you and 
the rest of our customers.


I acknowledge and will take care of this important matter